Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Book

Eons ago I bought and read a book called "Code Complete."  It was written by Microsoft back in the days when I scratched my head and wondered if they read their own book.  Looking back on Microsoft's operating systems I can see a point where they finally got serous about software quality.  My assumption is that it took them some time to fix all the code that they had created.  Anyway, the book is good.  I enjoyed the book because it revealed techniques for testing code, naming methods and variables, what to watch out for (fence post errors, buffer overflows, etc.).  As I was scanning Amazon for a new book to read, I came accross the second edition of "Code Complete" which includes new techniques like unit testing.

You can find the book at Amazon by clicking here

This might be my next book to read.  If I buy and read this one, I'll report on it later.

I ordered the book and it's on its way.