Sunday, January 20, 2013

Unit Testing

If you're looking for real world information on C# unit testing, I have come across a few articles that are quite informative.  The first article is called On Writing Unit Tests for C# and it contains links to various tools as well as a very well written article on unit testing advice and experiences.

Visual Studio magazine has an article called Tips for Easier C# Unit Testing that is worth a look.  This article talks about making unit tests easier and more efficient.

Code project has a good article about unit testing called Advanced Unit Testing, Part I - Overview.  This article is very large and contains a content section.  Beginning with an introduction to unit testing, this article covers mock objects, NUnit and a case study.  The case study includes a description of a sample extreme programming project.

One last article I stumbled across involves several iterations to designing an application.  This is a Microsoft article at their .Net website called Build a Contact Manager program using MVC.  

I hope this directs you to what you're looking for.  I've waded through a lot of introduction to unit testing articles and while they explain the basics, it's difficult to see how to apply unit testing to a real-world application.  I have done some unit testing on software that my company currently maintains, but we are just getting started on converting legacy code into unit testable code.  I'll post back here on my adventures when some progress has been made.  For now, I'll just leave you with these articles to read and learn from.